For all your finger food catering neeeds - we serve all of Brisbane plus the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast of Queensland

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One of our professional waiting staff

Full Catering Service

We want you to enjoy your party to the max. Let our professional uniformed staff take all the hassle out of the catering.

If you choose this service then our staff will deliver your order, ensure that it is correctly prepared and then serve your guests. And we clean up afterwards!

All you need to do is to ensure that your oven has been pre-heated to 2200C (or 2000C fan-forced) before our team arrives.

As part of this service we provide the heating trays for cooking, serving platters and dipping sauce dishes.

If you are booking a pack with full catering please let us know as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee staff members for last minute bookings.

How many staff will I need?

Our fully catered packages include as a minimum a chef to cook and prepare the food. We also supply one waiter/waitress per 40 guests to serve and look after your guests.

Staff will be available for up to four hours. Additional charges apply if you require our staff for more than four hours.

For pricing details please refer to our our on-line quote form.

Bar Service

We can provide bar staff to serve drinks and can also arrange drinks packages, glasses, ice and tubs.

For pricing details please refer to our our on-line quote form.

Brisbane Party Showroom

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