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A plate of succulent prawns

Design your own

Would you like to design your own cocktail party menu or select some appetisers for your next function?

We make it simple by offering a vast range of finger food in three separate price ranges.

You can download and print our Pick 'n' Mix menu (opens PDF in new window) or use our Design Calculator below to get an estimate of how much your selection will cost.

If you are planning appetisers to a main meal then we recommend three to four selections per guest. For cocktail parties, eight to twelve items is the ideal serving.

Brisbane's best value finger food deal

Before you get right into this design-it-yourself thing, you might want to ask yourself — is it worth the trouble?

Have you checked out our carefully designed value, deluxe or premium Pick-a-Pack selections?

Even easier — why not consider one of our Chef's Specials?

Not only are they dead simple but they have also got to be Brisbane's best value finger food deal.

Design calculator

Select which items you want and enter the number of serves for each of them. Then hit the “calculate” button at the bottom of the list and voila - instant quote!

Menu A

$1.95 per serving

Menu B

$2.50 per serving

Menu C

$2.95 per serving

1 Assorted Dips and Crackers (v) 21 Smoked Salmon
and Cucumber Bites
41 Antipasto Platters (v)
2 Cheese Sticks, Olives, Cheese and Tomato (v) 22 Corn Chips
with 4 Mixed Dips (v)
42 Smoked Salmon and Avocado
3 Canapés (4 varieties) (v) 23 Smoked Oysters on Melba Toasts 43 Decorated Prawn Rings
4 Cheese and Garlic Fingers (v) 24 Chinese Mini
Dim Sims (v)
44 Cheese, Cabanossi, Jatz and Nuts
5 Crudités with Cottage Cheese 25 Ribbon Sandwiches 45 Pâté on Melba Toasts (4 flavours)
6 Chicken Tasy Bites - Spicy Sauce 26 Prawn Cutlets 46 Gourmet Open Sandwiches (v)
7 Vegetable Crudités
with Warm Salsa (v)
27 Chicken Tempura Pieces 47 Seafood Crumbed Whiting Fillets
8 Cocktail Sausage Rolls 28 Chilli Chicken Winglets 48 Gourmet Bites of the World (5 types)
9 Savoury Bites
(3 great tastes)
29 Cocktail Spring Rolls (v) 49 Marinated Beef Satay
10 Chicken Goujons 30 Bruschetta (v) 50 Deluxe Vegetarian Mix (5 types) (v)
11 Thai Crab Cakes 31 Cocktail Samosas (v) 51 Oysters on the Shell
12 Mini Pizzas 32 Gourmet Party Pies
Veg and Variety
52 Peking Duck Pancakes
13 Mexican Enchilada Bites 33 Sesame Seafood Fingers 53 Galaxy Gourmet Tarts (v)
14 Char-grilled Meatballs
(3 flavours)
34 Devilled Wing Dings 54 Stuffed Mushrooms (v)
15 Cocktail Savoury Sausages 35 Italian Pizza Bites (v) 55 Cocktail Quiches - Lorraine and Florentine (v)
16 Sundried Tomato
and Olive Rolls (v)
36 Eggplant & Wholegrain Mustard Rolls (v) 56 Rice Paper Rolls (v)
17 Petite Savoury Squares 37 Cheese and Spinach Triangles (v) 57 Vegetarian Chats
(5 varieties) (v)
18 Assorted Vol au Vents 38 Pastizzi - Chicken, Spinach, and Veg (v) 58 Marinated Prawn Kebabs
19 Coconut Chicken Bites 39 Chicken Drummettes 59 Deluxe Meat Mix ( 5 delicious types)
20 Filo Mini Hot Dogs 40 Seafood Rolls 60 Marinated Chicken Kebabs
  Total cost :

Note: Vegetarian dishes are denoted (v)
Minimum order is $12.00 per guest (based on a minimum 40 guests)
Additional 10% GST applies to all prepared foods

Errors and Ommissions excepted